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Vintage Hunters in Paris...

Geposted am 13. April 2016

Vintage objects are her passion. With them, Isabelle Schwager likes to give contemporary interiors a personal touch. With theroomers.com she went hunting for some very special pieces in Paris.

"Whenever I go to a flea market, I never know how the trip is going to end...will I find the missing piece for my ceramic crabs collection? Will I come back carrying objects that I absolutely don’t need? Will I come back with nothing at all?"


For the first Vintage hunt, Creative Directior Iria Degen and Stylist Pia Seidel from theroomers.com and I, decided to go to Paris. Since Paris, with Puces de Saint-Ouen, has the biggest flea market in the world, the probability of coming home with empty hands was like zero! On a beautiful march afternoon, we left Zurich with a large van and small suitcases.
We started our first day with a little flea market by La Tour Montparnasse. There, we met a young and passionate couple selling colorful objects of the sixties and seventies. Orange, red, blue, gold and green, all three of us agreed about the same color schemes.
The same couple told us to also go and see Chatoux, where an annual brocante was just starting. Forty minutes later and a few french cafés later, we arrived and fell in love with the beautiful Art Déco silver champagne buckets!
The next two days, we visited Puces de Vanves and to finish well, Puces de Saint-Ouen where we wanted to buy everything! In Puces de Vanves, we enjoyed listening to all the fascinating stories from sellers.
In Puces de Saint-Ouen, we could have stayed forever but left at 6 pm, just after eating one last Crêpe between an antic windows shop and a radio shop.
Our mission ended successfully at 4 am in Zurich. We drove back with a van full of unique pieces for you to discover and fall in love with.

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