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Made in Belgium

Geposted am 22. April 2016

Award-winning designer Michaël Verheyden creates uncommon objects for common rituals. His elegant objects combine innovation, craftsmanship and highest quality.


Name: Michaël Verheyden
Country where I live: Belgium
Me in three words: harder better stronger
Favourite material: bronze
Favourite color: black
What I love to eat: Rice
Hobbys: making music
I am a fan of: Hedi Slimane
My dream: freedom for all


How did you find your passion for uncommon objects?

We needed things for our first house, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We thought we could do it better ourselves, and so we did. A lot of focus always goes on the building and furniture, but then you also need a lot of accessories to make a house function. 

From where do you get your inspiration to create your products?

I get inspiration from life, nature and the culture that surrounds me. I think it is important that your work is rooted in your own experience, the way you live your life. That is the only way to make very personal work.

Why do you prefer to work with nobels materials like marbel, leather, bronze and oak?

It takes a lot of energy to make something; so you could as well use durable and natural materials to make the best out of it. Materials also play a major role in my designs. I like to be very subtle in my designs, so a lot of attention goes to the beauty of the material.

Which is your favourite product ?

Our brass serving trays, something I enjoy every day when having a drink.


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