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Blogger Yvonne's Secret Santa Project

Geposted am 16. November 2016

Yvonne of FunkyForty.com


Dear Yvonne,

We are very happy to support your Secret Santa project at FunkyForty.com by giving away a beautiful LOVE fur pillow by French luxury label Maison de Vacances. It is such a lovely idea that we‘d like to help you spread the word about it.

LOVE Fur Pillow, grey, Maison de Vacances, buy online

Please tell our readers about yourself. Where are you from originally, and what brought you to Switzerland?

I am originally from New Zealand, but my Father came from Wil, St Gallen. It was a lovely job offer that brought me to Switzerland. 


You run a very popular blog, FunkyForty.com. What made you decide to start blogging in the first place?

I loved reading fashion blogs, but felt – especially in Switzerland - there was something missing for the woman over 40. Then once at an Apéro, a lovely American blogger – Dale from SavvySpice - gave me the final words of encouragement to start my own blog and I’ve never looked back.



What is your mission at FunkyForty.com?

My mission is to provide inspiration to women in general (not only those over 40). To show that age is just a number and it is possible to remain “funky” at any age. Last but not least, people should feel happy when they read FunkyForty.com – it should be a little escape from a good or bad day that will bring a smile to peoples faces.


Can you please tell our readers a bit more about the Secret Santa project? Why you do it, and how it works?

Haha, you have to read the article on FunkyForty.com to find out more… 

However, from 1 – 24th December a present will be sent to a lucky FunkyForty.com reader who has subscribed to Secret Santa – each present will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter.


Secret Santa


Since we are selling chic home accessories that make the beautiful homes of our customers even more beautiful, the question to you: what makes a great home?

One where people feel comfortable, and like to visit. I believe you have to make sure it’s not cluttered and at the same time not too cold. The touch of cosy covers and cushions with a splash of color on an otherwise neutral surroundings is always nice.


Zierkissen Jayden violett, Lifestyle Home Collection, online kaufen


How would you describe your home?

Cosy but contemporary – I hate clutter so I like to make sure it has an airy feeling to it.


Is there something that immediately adds that little something special everybody is longing for? Or, is there something one should avoid at any costs?

Too much and too many different styles in one space – not to say you shouldn’t mix old with new – I love doing this.


It will be Xmas soon. What is your favorite Xmas decoration? How will you decorate your house this year?

Each year I love getting a super special Advent decoration with either one or four candles that are lit each Sunday in December. This is normally a huge statement piece in our lounge.

 Weihnachtskugeln Caspian rosa 3er Set, Affari, Christbaumschmuck online kaufen


Do you like to shop online for home accessories?

So far not, but now that I have discovered theroomers.com, I think I will certainly be giving this a try.

Dear Yvonne, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. We can't wait to learn more about the lucky winner of our theroomers.com gift.  

And, for those of you interested to win our beautiful LOVE pillow, please don't forget to sign-up for FunkyForty.com’s Secret Santa project. Otherwise, you can of course always buy one at theroomers.com…. We have it in four different colors: grey, brown, white or pink

 See you soon!


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